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At the packing plant

Quality control plays an important part once the raisins are at the plant. Before the raisins are taken from their bins, government inspectors use long prods to take samples from the middle of each box. Strict standards must be met to ensure each box of raisins are free of mold, pests and other imperfections.
Next, the raisins are "processed". They are poured into a hopper which feeds onto a series of conveyor belts and drums that remove any remaining stems, chaff or lightweight fruit.
From this point, the raisins are sent through a brisk vacuum air stream to catch any undesirable material that may have been missed. Then they're size-graded and thoroughly washed in pure water.

Modern Technology

The raisins then move past a sophisticated laser sorter that uses light beams and a computer to determine if anything other than raisins are passing through the stream. If the computer determines something isn't a raisin, it instantly sends a small burst of air down to knock the material out of the stream into a trough below, all at incredibly high speeds!
Hand inspections are done throughout the packaging process by quality control technicians to make raisins the cleanest, highest quality raisins in the world.

After final quality inspections, the raisins are automatically weighed and packed in a variety of convenient sizes - from snack packs for kids' lunches to huge cartons for bakers and cereal companies.

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