Raisin FAQ

Raisin FAQ

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1- which countries are the Iran’s raisin main importers? almost all countries import Iranian raisins because of its unique quality and taste. Europe, Malaysia, India, China, etc. are among the main importers.

2- What are the certificates that company holds ? ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP

3- What are the type of raisins that you supply? Some of the common raisin variety grown in our country include golden, sultana, green and black raisin.

4- What is the purchase process? once you confirm the samples and we came into agreement on the price, we issue the Proforma Invoice with all the details included. after paying the advance payment, the production starts with every steps being checked with the customer. After the cargo is loaded on the vessel, the rest payment will be done against scanned copy of the Bill of Lading.

5- What are the documents needed for the export process: Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Phytosanitary Certificate, Bill of Lading or Airwaybill and any other documents based on the request of the customer.